Promoting Italy in the world

Creating new opportunities

Open up new markets


    Qualitaly is a company founded with the express purpose of providing services and advice for the internationalization, namely to promote the Italian excellence in the world. It is addressed at those individuals,  public and private stakeholders that want to develop or increase their research abroad, becoming a reference point for operations beyond national borders.

    QUALITALY supports the customers with a range of services going from the general information to the specific analysis of the single market, from the strategies of penetration to the strategies of consolidation and expansion.


How we work

Qualitaly is characterized by:

  • multisectoral skills
  • ability to develop and manage complex projects
  • contact with local and international institutions
  • physical presence of some emerging countries
  • Speed of the process activation

Cairo:Italian Style Exhibition

"Italian Style Exhibition" represents a complete tour of the Art, Design and Italian fashion.
"Italian Style Exhibition" is a showcase dedicated to excellence and the Italian Style which in this case will be opened in the beautiful setting of "Tivoli Dome" trend instead of the City of Cairo.
"Italian Style Exhibition" selects the best capacity in the areas of the Italian fashion, food, art, beauty, cosmetics, design etc. and represents the excellence in the event.
All in the name of the dynamism and versatility of the Italian excellence creating moments of exposure for all the audience.

Specialized Services

    • Management Consulting for the realization of foreign investments
    • Assistance to the Italian companies operating abroad in the operating steps
    • Constant monitoring of business opportunities, participation in tenders and similar
    • Consultation and development of marketing plans for government agencies, business associations and industry groups